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Parc Palais

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    Overlooking The Riverbank Palais from Elder Park is your hub for the 2017 festival season: Parc Palais.

    The perfect place for a pre or post show dinner or drink, Parc Palais will be home to free entertainment from local bands and DJs in the rotunda; a recent highlight of the 2017 Sydney Festival, the House of Mirrors, and even the occasional roving performer.

    The perfect place to compare notes on the shows you’ve loved or loathed, or to kick off your Festival evening, the Parc Palais is free, every night of the Festival.

    Parc Palais Food

    Parc Palais is the perfect place for a culinary experience that highlights what SA does best – telling stories through food and wine.

    Delicious, affordable, theatrical and totally South Australian, you can enjoy a snack, drink, dinner, pre or post show meal or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

    With beautiful food cooked by one of Adelaide’s favourite chefs – Brad Sappenbergh of Comida at Adelaide’s Central Market – Parc Palais will proudly show off our state’s best produce.

    Expect Comida’s world famous Paella (seafood or vegetarian), a flaming fire pit with ethically sourced meat on a spit, whiting and chips, lentils, chickpeas, eggplant and all sorts of veges cooked over flames in front of your eyes. Oysters, prawn cocktails and special sweet endings that will take you right back to childhood.

    With a menu curated by Gill Minervini (Dark Mofo Winter Feast, City of Sydney Events) with Food Consultant Duncan Welgemoed (Africola, Lola’s Pergola), there’s no reason not to experience the entire menu, night after night.
  • Credits

    Chef Brad Sappenbergh
    Food by Comida
    Creative Producer Gill Minervini
    Food Consultant Duncan Welgemoed

    Image Ben McGee

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